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Our company sells various specification of mesh specially used in SMT stencil material,T-shirt Printing, Electronic, Nameplate, Billboard, Glass screen printing industry. This kind of mesh is plain weaved with polyester mono-filament yarn. The characters of this mesh contain high strength, good tension stability, high quality, and reasonable price. The mesh has been widely used in T-shirt industries in China.


The following points are some kind tips for our customers to recognize and analyse before choosing.LOW QUALITY POLYESTER MESH will always have the following problems:
  1. The thickness of Nominal thread diameter will not be uniform.
  2. Mesh Opening will be irregular.
  3. The elongation will not be stable.
Textile Screen Printing requires high count mesh, means more threads, more mesh opening, and higher requirement for the mesh fabric. So you can imagine that whenever the above problems happen, it will give bad performance in screen printing processing, means the quality of the picture you are printing onto the t-shirt or whatever textile products will not be premier and clear.So we kindly suggest you to use good quality polyester mesh to proceed your screen printing. SEK offers customers high quality Chinese mesh, Japanese NBC mesh, Italy SAATI mesh, Swiss SEFAR mesh, Japanese SMART mesh, etc with competitive pricing. We believe our success is primarily due to putting our clients first.

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